Pub Crawl Budapest

bar tour by hipsters to everyone

Looking for Ruin Bars in the heart of Budapest? Don't know which place to visit first? You have little time to search for interesting places to visit? Well, Pub Crawl Budapest is a ruin bar tour that is worth to try to. They start their trip from Budapest, Oktogon 1, 1066 at 9PM, and go to the best places visited by locals. You can be part of a nice group of young people wanting to dive deep in Hungarian nightlife in the seventh district of Budapest. In case you would be late, you can call +3670 771 1775, and you will get all the answers to your questions.

To be part of a real epic pub crawl, you should always have your ID or passport with you, because it is strictly for people older than 18 years old.

Some free drinks are also available during the trip, and in case you were wondering, your guides also enjoy the time and drink with you! It's all about friendships, and connections in the end. In case you are more into beers, or girls, you can choose some special craft beer tour, or lap dance bar tours, where you end up in a table dance bar at the end of the night.

Enjoy Budapest's famous nightlife! All the best, and f___ the rest :)

Dental treatments out of hours

in London

Emergency dental treatments are quite common nowadays, having a full range of services from wisdom tooth extractions, root canal treatments, dental surgeries and so on. Good care is primordial for patients of all kind, an emergency dentist has the remedy for any kind of pain. Most dentists are available on Saturdays also, until late night, even on Bank Holidays. London is full of these places, rest assured. The area of Westminster and Camden is really packed with dentists. You can find them at 8F Gilbert Place, Bloomsbury (British Museum) London, WC1A 2JD, phone: 020 3199 6234

It is also in your best interest to visit a dental professional more often than not, this saves a lot of money in the long run, rest assured

Painkillers are also a good remedy for a short time, and even a dentist will start your treatment by a painkiller, to reduce the inflammation. Once that is done, you can get the real therapy, which is of course up to the dental professional to decide. This takes usuall four to five days, so get ready to be free the next week.

  2016.01.12 - Tájékoztató

Tisztelt Pénztártagok!

A 2016. január 8-i küldöttválasztó részközgyűlések döntése alapján az alábbi küldöttek képviselik a pénztár tagokat a küldöttgyűléseken:

Küldött névsor_2016.

Küldött Pótküldött

1. Hivatal, KEKI Ács Jánosné Venekei Gyula Attila
2. KAIG Sásdiné Pálfi Ibolya Gebri Erika
3. Informatikai Intézet Reznyik Arnold Urkon Gergely
4. Dél-budapesti Ig. Szegedi Annamária Szilágyi Mónika
5. Észak-budapesti Ig. Szloboda Zsuzsanna Szűcs Krisztina Éva
6. Kelet-budapesti Ig. Deák Attila Mári Ferencné
7. Pest Megyei Ig. Ternák Lászlóné/Gabi Ipacs Tímea
8. Baranya Megyei Ig. dr Hauser Tamás dr Ress Zoltán
9. B-A-Z Megyei Ig. Cziáky Zsuzsanna Ruszkai Józsefné
10. Bács-Kiskun Megyei Ig. Sánta Rózsa Berényiné Kovács Ildikó
11. Békés Megyei Ig. Némethné Hajdú Natália Patócs Sándorné
12. Csongrád Megyei Ig. dr Bugyáné dr Jenei A. Visnyei Erika
13. Fejér Megyei Ig. Bankóné Somogyi Zsuzsa Szilágyi Erzsébet
14. Gy-M-S Megyei Ig. Vass Attila Novitsné Czéhmester Erika
15. Hajdú-Bihar Megyei Ig. Nagy Jánosné/Erika Bródi Ferenc
16. Heves Megyei Ig. Kasza-Magyar Andrea Szatló Klára
17. J-N-Sz Megyei Ig. Magyar Andrea Farkas Erzsébet
18. Komárom-Esztergom Megyei Ig. Lunczerné László Mónika Rozmaring Katalin
19. Nógrád Megyei Ig. Menich Orsolya Nagyné Nádasdi Judit
20. Somogy Megyei Ig. Czár Katalin Varga Andrea
21. Sz-Sz-B Megyei Ig. Bubán Zsoltné Császárné Tóth Ilona
22. Tolna Megyei Ig. Nyárai Miklósné/Aranka Hegedűs Réka
23. Vas Megyei Ig. Hegedűsné Nagy Katalin Kaposi Andrea
24. Veszprém Megyei Ig. Kardros Erika
25. Zala Megyei Ig. Horváthné Rohonczi Ildikó Horváth Antónia

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